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Okay, first things first: TRUE FANS DON’T POST SPOILERS.))
So this image is… tricky.)

Those who have seen the film already can see a theory in this; eh, several ones, even, including the viola/alto/cello/etc. irony))) That’s how I see the possible situation, aye, my sick humour is being sick again.

Those, who haven’t seen the film… hmmm, well, let’s face the truth - this is just another fanart, for I can’t help it)))

All I can say: I wish these two had more interaction ;3 

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catastrophe & the cure // chris hemsworth x tom hiddleston

for the lovely wantstobelieve

The game show was fun. Hell, it was hilarious and Tom loved just about every minute of it. Then Chris had to go plop his jacket against his chest like a goddamn coat-rack and Tom knew it was on.

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reblogging + adding accompanying pic BECAUSE THIS FIC IS PERFECT OK



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Tom Hiddleston on Thor [x]

“Chris, this is so not better than yogaaaaaaaaaaa…!”

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…Loki’s armor sinks because of reasons,

 Bigger pic: [x[x]

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They have not seen each other in at least fifty. They have not touched in many more, even in battle. They have, each of them, held themselves aloof from the other, giving nothing. Thor wonders if there is anything left to give. Loki may not know it, but he gave Loki everything he had in him years ago. And so while he will always harbor hatred for Loki, Thor knows that he only hates his brother so well because he loves him so much. There is a brush against his hand, flesh against flesh, and the shock of Loki’s skin against his makes his eyes fly open. Very, very gently, Loki slides his palm against Thor’s and slips his fingers around Thor’s hand. For a long time, Thor doesn’t move. Midgard could have burned around him, and he would have remained still. And then, just as gently, he takes Loki’s hand in turn, and the thrill of his brother’s hand in his is love enough. (x)

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Katamarivengers chibis


For my lovely avengers. I didn’t get to everyone, so I will have to finish later. 

Thor and Loki broshaking.

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I hope nobody requires a reasonable explanation for why I drew this, because I don’t have one. All I know is I enjoyed these photos.

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